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17 APRIL 2017 | "POSSESSION" - A Steve Bandoma solo exhibition

17 APRIL 2017 | "POSSESSION" - A Steve Bandoma solo exhibition
Steve Bandoma is presenting a large solo exhibition from 28 April to 28 May 2017 at the Texaf-Bilembo Cultural Centre in Kinshasa in partnership with Angalia art gallery. The artist will be showing 48 paintings and several installations.

The exhibition’s name sets the tone. More than ever before, Bandoma’s artistic world is filled with deformed creatures and distorted Congolese statuettes, in which humans are possessed by urges to own, appropriate and dominate, money is king and power is grotesque. They depict the desire to possess and also to get noticed. We see people with bulging eyes sporting improbable outfits; these people bring to mind the West’s past dominance. In this solo exhibition, Bandoma continues to explore the past and portray modern-day vanities, inviting us to take a step back, reflect and build a meaningful future.

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