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Angalia - African contemp
Angalia - African contemporary art

28 APRIL 2018 | Francis Mampuya holds a solo exhibition in Kinshasa

Over 50 new works on canvas and paper by Francis Mampuya will be showcased from 27 April to 28 May 2018 at the Texaf-Bilembo Cultural Centre in Kinshasa in partnership with Angalia.  

“Francis’ works focus resolutely on humans: pictorial representations of the body, face, characteristics, houses, chairs, and symbols of oppression. In his works, he rejects injustice, arbitrariness, the environment being ruined, people forgetting or looking down on Africa, and the horrendous journey to Europe endured by migrants. His work fluctuates between semi-figurative and abstract. While a certain formal beauty does emerge from his abstract works, it would be wrong to think that they are only about the use of colour. His abstract works always seek to be allusive. Each work focuses on its subject. The message is most frequently sombre and pain is never far away. Faces have no mouths because the voice of the people is gagged or inaudible and silhouettes are blurred because everything is uncertain and confused.”

Enjoy a sneak preview of the exhibition catalogue.