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Angalia - African contemporary art

31 JULY 2017 | A look back at the opening reception for Steve Bandoma’s Possession exhibition

Steve Bandoma definitely did not do things by halves at the opening reception of his Possession exhibition last April at the Texaf-Bilembo Cultural Centre in Kinshasa. Visitors discovered Bandoma’s first few installations while taking care not to slip on a floor strewn with banana skins. However, the most impressive part was yet to come. During a performance on the evening of 27 April, the cavities of the Utexafrica textile factory became mass graves, echoing the atrocities perpetrated in the country. The contrast between the beautiful bodies of these young models and the extreme harshness of the message was striking. The evening will remain in people’s memories for a long time.

A look back in images at the momentous opening reception concocted by the multimedia artist.

Photos : Alain Huart (Texaf-Bilembo)