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Amani Bodo

Amani Bodo
Born in Kinshasa in 1988. Lives and works in Kinshasa.

Amani Bodo is the youngest son of the late-lamented Pierre Bodo (1953-2015), who was one of the leading representatives of Congolese painting. Amani Bodo is a self-taught artist and at the age of 21 his works became part of the famous Pigozzi collection. He is one of the most gifted Congolese painters of his generation. His figurative and symbolic paintings draw inspiration from the family’s artistic world and have a surrealist feel. Amani depicts his ideas, visions and sometimes even his dreams. One of Amani’s favourite themes is Africa’s relationship with the world and, more widely, the relationship between the developing and developed worlds.

The backgrounds of his canvases are an impressive rash of flecked colours, a cosmic nebula which immediately grabs the attention and contributes to the dazzling yet mysterious feel of his works. Amani Bodo also displays his talent when depicting the Congolese sapeurs (dandies). He not only portrays people but also animals, following the great tradition of Congolese popular painting. Amani Bodo's first solo exhibition at the Bilembo Cultural Centre in Kinshasa (March-May 2016) has proved a resounding success. Angalia will show his work at AKAA Art Fair in november 2016 in Paris.