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Amani Bodo

Amani Bodo
Born in Kinshasa in 1988. Lives and works in Kinshasa.

Amani Bodo is the youngest son of the late-lamented Pierre Bodo (1953-2015). The young Amani had a great gift for drawing and found his vocation at a very young age. At school, he preferred drawing to coming top of the class. His father quickly grasped the situation and did not insist on Amani concentrating on schoolwork. Instead, he welcomed Amani into his studio. And this is how Amani started painting at the age of 10. He sold his first canvas at the age of 16 and began to make a living as an artist at 20. By the age of 21, his works were part of the Pigozzi Collection. Having tried his hand at the popular style, Amani found his way with a figurative and symbolic style with a surrealist feel, drawing inspiration from the family's artistic world. Bodo depicts his ideas, visions and sometimes even his dreams on canvas. He demonstrates an impressive technique. The backgrounds of Amani Bodo’s canvases are his artistic hallmark and are easy to spot. The artist calls them mwangisa, referring to the rash of flecked colours, a cosmic nebula which immediately grabs the attention and contributes to the dazzling yet mysterious feel of his works. 

Amani recently returned to the world of the Congolese sapeurs; a world he had always liked and in which he had excelled, but not wishing to encroach upon his father’s field, he had always kept away. In 2016, his Tambola Malembe exhibition at the Texaf-Bilembo cultural centre in Kinshasa proved to be a resounding success. He notably unveiled the Tous sapeurs series. Amani has not failed to pay an emphatic artistic tribute to his father, particularly with Bodo dans ses oeuvres, in which the beguiling creator of the bird-men takes pride of place among his appreciative creatures. By all accounts, his father did not get it wrong. His youngest son was born to be an artist.

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