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Gosette Lubondo

Gosette Lubondo
Born in 1993 in Kinshasa (DRC). Lives and works in Kinshasa. 

In 2011, Gosette Lubondo enrolled at ABA (Kinshasa School of Fine Arts). She produced her first work - Au fil du temps - in 2013. The series focuses on the imprint left behind by Kinshasa's dilapidated transport infrastructure. Lubondo graduated in 2014 and the following year started a photography master class promoted by the Goethe-Institut and run by Simon Njami. In 2016 she created Imaginary Trip, the series that made her name. Using a disused train in Kinshasa railway station as the setting, she depicted passengers whose attitude, expression and clothing evoke the past life of the station. The series proved to be an immediate success. It was exhibited in Europe, notably at Art Paris, AKAA and Mia Photo Fair.

In 2018, Gosette resumed her exploration of the past and places that have fallen into disuse, this time taking over a former school founded in 1936 by a congregation of Christian brothers in the modern-day Kongo Central, and now to all intents and purposes abandoned. This series was entitled Imaginary Trip II and was produced during her period on the Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac Museum photography residency programme. The series was then acquired by the museum. With this second series at barely 26 years of age, Gosette has established a strong and coherent artistic identity.

In her very latest work entitled Tala Ngai  ("look at me" or "visit me" in Lingala), the photographer has completely changed course. Instead of bearing witness to the past for people nowadays, she depicts the present for future generations. She depicts young women from Kinshasa at home, in their everyday clothes firstly, and then shows how they appear in public, in the clothes of their choice. A third shot depicts some of the woman's living space. These triptychs document women's self-perception, physical appearance and private lives in Kinshasa in 2019-2020.

A stunning catalogue about the artist has just been published by Les Éditions de l’œil, with a view to her first solo exhibition, which had been scheduled for March 2020 in Kinshasa but had to be postponed because of Covid-19. This is only a postponement; the exhibition will be held in better times. In Europe, Gosette is featured in the group exhibition A toi appartient le regard at the musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac , from June 30 to November 1, 2020. The exhibition will show Imaginary Trip II

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Gosette Lubondo


Photographs by Gosette Lubondo 
French-English edition
23.5 x 18 cm  / 96 pages 
Les Éditions de l’œil
isbn 978-2-35137-296-8


"Imaginary Trip II" Making of, by Gosette Lubondo (in French)