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Highlight | 6 SEPT 2015

Artist videos and photo albums

Highlight | 6 SEPT 2015
Come on a trip with Angalia to the artists’ studios in Kinshasa! Three videos are already online: in the first video, Tsham talks about one of his black biro on paper artworks, in the second, following his first solo exhibition in Kinshasa and just a few months before the madness of the Beauté Congo exhibition, JP Mika talks about the beginning of his art career, his apprenticeship in Chéri Chérin’s studio and the advent of his new style, and finally, in an extensive interview, Chéri Chérin describes his career path from painted wall adverts to the Guggenheim Museum.
The gallery is also unveiling its photo album so as to share with you a few snapshots of the artists’ lives since they started working with us. Discover the photo albums of JP Mika, Papa Mfumu’Eto 1er and Tsham. Others will be available in the future!