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Papa Mfumu’Eto 1er releases a cartoon

The cartoon has made a comeback in the work of the artist, painter and cartoonist, Papa Mfumu'Eto 1er. His last cartoon dates back to 2004. His brand new work entitled Ba Chinois bakangi elima ya mwasi na Brazzaville? continues to move between rumours and the truth and introduces the reader to sea monsters who prevent a bridge from being built on a Chinese building site.

Papa Mfumu’Eto 1er has been voluntarily living a hermit-like existence for over a year and is now preparing to return to the media glare. He will present a large canvas, a fresco depicting 24 hours in the life of Kinshasa, at the next Francophony Summit in Kinshasa (12-14 October). The artist will also make an appearance in the film Kinshasa Mboka té which will be presented at the summit. Papa Mfumu’Eto 1er has other plans, but they remain top-secret at the present time!