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22 NOVEMBER 2012 I JP Mika’s news

JP Mika offers us his vision of two mythical figures in his latest two works.

The first of the paintings depicts Nelson Mandela, who greets the world with tenderness and benevolence. As a universal messenger and the world’s moral conscience, he is so at one with it that the artist has merged them together.

In a completely different style, in his second work the artist offers a fresh take on Mami Wata, the African coast water deity, giving her a major facelift. She no longer appears on mysterious and uninhabited shores but in front of a 21st century city. Mami Wata is contemporary, connected and high-tech and more interested in being attractive than bewitching people.

In other news relating to the artist, Millon auction house recently sold one of his most successful satirical works on behalf of Degbomey art gallery : Sapeur Mokonzi en Rolex.