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14 JUNE 2013 I JP Mika and Moke Fils show their work in Lubumbashi (DRC)

The ASBL Dialogues is hosting an exhibition of 3 ‘popular painters’ in Lubumbashi (DRC), at GAC: JP Mika, Moke Fils and Alfi Alfa. The exhibition runs from 15 to 24 June 2013.

In accordance with the meaning given by those who coined the term with Chéri Samba ahead, the terms ‘popular painting’ designates a form of art that comes from the people – in the sense that artists draw inspiration from what they see around them – and can be understood by the people. As summarized by the title of the exhibition, the artworks will show scenes of the everyday life, which are tragico-comic and … chachacha at the same time!