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Exhibitions, events, new developments...: stay informed about the gallery and its artists’ news, in Congo and elsewhere.

25 OCTOBER 2017 | Angalia looks forward to seeing you at AKAA on 9-12 November

The gallery will be at the second AKAA  contemporary art and design fair at the Carreau du Temple in Paris from 9-12 November. Bolstered by the success of its first edition, the fair will host 38 international galleries and 150 artists from 28 countries, a parallel cultural programme, and events. 
Angalia will showcase a selection of new works by  Steve BandomaAmani BodoJP MikaKura Shomali and Freddy Tsimba, who is set to attend the fair. The common thread will be humans and how they are depicted in the unique work of each artist, in a place where imagination and eccentricity rub shoulders with venality, coercion and oppression.
Collector’s preview and opening reception on Thursday 9 November (invitation only)

15 SEPTEMBER 2017 | Request our catalogues

Angalia has published several catalogues, including four in partnership with the Bilembo Cultural Centre in Kinshasa, to coincide with exhibitions jointly organized with the centre (Artiste JP Mika !, Tsham-Œuvres récentes, Amani Bodo – Tambola Malembe, Steve Bandoma – Possession). Angalia has also published Kinshasa quotidien, a catalogue of painted miniatures by Papa Mfumu’Eto 1st depicting the daily lives of the people of Kinshasa via their consumer goods. You can view them online by going to If you wish to purchase the printed catalogues, please contact us .

31 JULY 2017 | A look back at the opening reception for Steve Bandoma’s Possession exhibition

Steve Bandoma definitely did not do things by halves at the opening reception of his Possession exhibition last April at the Texaf-Bilembo Cultural Centre in Kinshasa. Visitors discovered Bandoma’s first few installations while taking care not to slip on a floor strewn with banana skins. However, the most impressive part was yet to come. During a performance on the evening of 27 April, the cavities of the Utexafrica textile factory became mass graves, echoing the atrocities perpetrated in the country. The contrast between the beautiful bodies of these young models and the extreme harshness of the message was striking. The evening will remain in people’s memories for a long time. See the slide show.

17 APRIL 2017 | "POSSESSION" - A Steve Bandoma solo exhibition

Steve Bandoma is presenting a large solo exhibition from 28 April to 28 May 2017 at the Texaf-Bilembo Cultural Centre in Kinshasa in partnership with Angalia art gallery. The artist will be showing 48 paintings and several installations.

The exhibition’s name sets the tone. More than ever before, Bandoma’s artistic world is filled with deformed creatures and distorted Congolese statuettes, in which humans are possessed by urges to own, appropriate and dominate, money is king and power is grotesque. They depict the desire to possess and also to get noticed. We see people with bulging eyes sporting improbable outfits; these people bring to mind the West’s past dominance. In this solo exhibition, Bandoma continues to explore the past and portray modern-day vanities, inviting us to take a step back, reflect and build a meaningful future.

Discover a sneak preview of the catalogue !

15 MARCH 2017 | Steve Bandoma and Freddy Tsimba showcased at the Salon ZÜRCHER AFRICA

Four months after its participation to AKAA Fair, Angalia will showcase the works of two artists from Kinshasa (DRC), Freddy Tsimba and Steve Bandoma, in a warm and intimate ambience at the Salon ZÜRCHER AFRICA. The exhibition brings face to face their intense creative output which questions violence and fuels a fertile dialogue on identity and representation. Find out more.

27 JANUARY 2017 | Freddy Tsimba joins the gallery

We are delighted and proud to welcome Freddy Tsimba, the artist who acts as a mouthpiece, or rather a memory keeper, for anonymous victims and silent suffering. Freddy is a leading artist who is highly regarded yet insufficiently well known. We will provide another showcase for his work, which proved very popular last November in Paris on our stand at AKAA. His works will be shown in the very near future at the Salon Zürcher AFRICA. Freddy is also preparing for an exhibition set to take place in Brussels in the second half of 2017.

See the artist's biography.

See the works.

15 DECEMBER 2016 | Angalia will take part in the first SALON ZÜRCHER AFRICA

Angalia will take part in the first SALON ZÜRCHER AFRICA to be held from 27 March to 2 April 2017 at the Galerie Zürcher (56 rue Chapon) in Paris. The mini art fair aims to be an alternative to the large-scale art fairs, with five galleries being invited to show their works. The 2017 fair will be the 17th of its kind held by the gallery on its two sites in Paris and New York. Angalia will showcase works by Freddy Tsimba and Steve Bandoma.

15 OCTOBER 2016 | Chéri Benga and Chéri Chérin’s paintings showcased in Brussels

Popular painting of DRC is being honored by the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels. From 7 October to 22 January 2017 the exhibition "Congo Art Works. Popular painting " presents 82 paintings, including works from Chéri Chérin and Chéri Benga, but also from Chéri Samba, Mr. Syms, Shula, Albert Lubaki, Tinda Lwimba, Pili Pili Mulongoy and Djilatendo among others.

« Portraits, landscapes and allegorical paintings alternate with urban scenes, historical figures and critical reflections on religion, politics and social problems. Humour is never far away. » 

Chéri Benga is one of the artists invited to participate in meetings with the public in the presence of curators  Sammy Baloji and Bambi Ceuppens.

25 JULY 2016 | Angalia will participate to AKAA's first edition

AKAA - Also Known As Africa is the first art fair devoted to contemporary art and design from Africa to be organized in Paris, France. AKAA’s first edition will be held November 11-13, 2016, at the Carreau du Temple, in parallel with a Parisian cultural calendar that features photography in its spotlight. 

Angalia gallery will showcase works from four of its artists: Steve BandomaAmani BodoFrancis Mampuya and JP Mika, and from one invited artist: Freddy Tsimba.

Save the date!

22 APRIL 2016 | "Tambola malembe" (Slow progress): a lightning-quick success


Amani Bodo’s first solo exhibition at the Texaf-Bilembo Cultural Centre in Kinshasa has proved a resounding success. All of the paintings, bar two still on display at the cultural centre, had been purchased by 22 April, the exhibition’s closing date.
Apart from the paintings in the "Tous sapeurs!" (Everyone's a sapeur) series, which naturally caught the eye, the artist’s private world proved to be an attraction, and this was undoubtedly the real reason for the exhibition’s success.

1 MARCH 2016 | Amani Bodo solo exhibition

Amani Bodo’s first ever solo exhibition will be held, in partnership with Angalia, on 11 March – 22 April 2016 at the Texaf-Bilembo Cultural Centre in Kinshasa. The artist will unveil 25 artworks; including an exhilarating series of 10 canvases entitled "Tous sapeurs !" in which international celebrities pose as Congolese sapeurs (dandies). Amani Bodo will also pay tribute to his father, Pierre Bodo, who passed away exactly a year ago, with several canvases including the stunning "L'artiste dans ses oeuvres" in which the beguiling creator of the bird-men takes pride of place among his enigmatic creatures.  The official opening reception will be held on 11 March at 18:30.  

Have a sneak preview of the works on show: see the exhibition’s catalogue.

13 JANUARY 2016 | Exhibitions at Bilembo Cultural Centre in Kinshasa

Tsham’s exhibition at Bilembo Cultural Centre in Kinshasa ended in December and proved to be a resounding success for the artist. Most of the artworks on show were purchased at the official opening reception.

The next Texaf-Bilembo exhibition in partnership with Angalia will be devoted to Amani Bodo and will be the artist’s very first solo exhibition. Preparations are well underway and the exhibition promises to showcase some stunning artworks. Be sure not to miss the online publication of the exhibition catalogue in early March! The official opening reception will take place on 11 March 2016.

19 NOVEMBER 2015 | Angalia set to exhibit at the first AKAA on 3-6 December in Paris

UPDATE 29 NOVEMBER : In light of the attacks in Paris and elsewhere, AKAA's team decided to postpone the first edition of the African Contemporary Art and Design Fair in 2016 from 10 to 13 November.

Angalia will be exhibiting at the very first AKAA (Also Known as Africa) Contemporary Art and Design Fair to be held on 3-6 December at the Carreau du Temple in Paris. AKAA is the first art fair devoted to contemporary art and design from Africa to be held in France and will play host to 25 international art galleries from 10 countries, over 100 artists, a parallel cultural programme and artist performances, screenings and meetings.  

Angalia will exhibit a selection of works by Steve BandomaAmani BodoFrancis MampuyaJP Mika  and Freddy Tsimba. We are delighted to be showcasing the sculptor's work for the very first time at this art fair.

4 NOVEMBER 2015 | Interview with Steve Bandoma

Eva Barois de Caevel interviewed Steve Bandoma before his solo show at Swab Art Fair in Barcelona in October 2015.
"Your style has been perceived as something extremely new when you presented your work for the first time in Kinshasa. Why, according to you?"
"Yes, it’s true! I think this could be explained by three things. First, the practice of collage on paper and of paper and the use of ink was something almost nonexistent in Kinshasa..." Read more

20 OCTOBER 2015 | Exhibition: Tsham is (re) introducing colour!

Tsham will showcase his new works at a solo exhibition at Texaf-Bilembo Cultural Centre in Kinshasa on 23 October – 6 December. And a milestone has occurred in the black ballpoint pen artist’s career: colour now appears in his works! In fact, colour is making a comeback, as Tsham used colour in the 1990s before specializing in black and white.

View the catalogue online

NEW VIDEO! Listen to the artist talking about his development (in French) here

13 SEPTEMBER 2015 | Angalia is showcasing Steve Bandoma's work at Swab Art Fair

Angalia will be taking part in the Swab International Contemporary Art Fair  on 1-4 October in Barcelona. The gallery will be showcasing Steve Bandoma's work in the Swab Gate  section. Swab Gate consists of solo presentations of the works of four African and Caribbean artists selected by the curator Eva Barois de Caevel. Swab Art Fair focuses on young artists.

6 SEPTEMBER 2015 | Artist videos and photo albums

Come on a trip with Angalia to the artists’ studios in Kinshasa! Three videos are already online: in the first video, Tsham talks about one of his black biro on paper artworks, in the second, following his first solo exhibition in Kinshasa and just a few months before the madness of the Beauté Congo exhibition, JP Mika talks about the beginning of his art career, his apprenticeship in Chéri Chérin’s studio and the advent of his new style, and finally, in an extensive interview, Chéri Chérin describes his career path from painted wall adverts to the Guggenheim Museum.
The gallery is also unveiling its photo album so as to share with you a few snapshots of the artists’ lives since they started working with us. Discover the photo albums of JP Mika, Papa Mfumu’Eto 1er and Tsham. Others will be available in the future!

17 JULY 2015 | Steve Bandoma, Papa Mfumu’Eto 1er, JP Mika and Kura Shomali in Paris

The ambitious step taken by the Cartier Foundation and the curator André Magnin has been highly praised by the media, with comments including “a vibrant and shimmering wave”, a "highly-coloured and musical” exhibition, “on the edges of modernity, humour and pop culture”, a reflection of a “bubbling art scene”. They are showcasing 90 years of art in DR Congo with the Beauté Congo-Congo Kitoko exhibition.

The exhibition marks a milestone and showcases the vibrancy of contemporary art in the country.  Steve Bandoma, Pierre Bodo, Chéri Chérin, Papa Mfumu’Eto 1er, JP Mika and Kura Shomali are some of the artists with artworks in this brilliant retrospective. Four of them attended the official opening reception and were able to chat with the large number of visitors in attendance. The opening reception was a rare chance to interact. Find them on RFIFrance 24TV5 mondeLe Point AfriqueLe Monde Afrique... And don’t miss Beauté Congo!

25 MAY 2015 | Congo-Kinshasa showcased at the Fondation Cartier in Paris

A big exhibition entitled Beauté Congo – 1926-2015 – Congo Kitoko will be held at the Fondation Cartier in Paris from 11 July to 15 November 2015.

The exhibition, with André Magnin as chief curator, is set to be unique as it will retrace 80 years of artistic production in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. While specifically focusing on painting, the exhibition will also include music, sculpture and photography, thus showcasing the country’s vibrant creative scene. A large number of artists have been invited.

For more information, see the Fondation Cartier website.

16 APRIL 2015 | Upcoming solo exhibitions at Kinshasa’s Texaf-Bilembo Cultural Centre

Following the success of the JP Mika! exhibition which closed on 22 March, the Texaf-Bilembo Centre and Angalia are now preparing two new solo exhibitions: the ball-point pen virtuoso Tsham will be showing his works from November to December 2015 and then the centre will host Amani Bodo’s figurative and fantasy works in March 2016. Both artists will be showcasing recent developments to their work.